Surepower 1.2V, 4500mAH Ni-Mh Battery

Surepower 1.2V, 4500mAH Ni-Mh Battery

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Product Title: Surepower 1.2V, 4500mAH Ni-Mh Battery, C-4500mAH

Brand Name: Surepower

Model No: C-4500mAH

Voltage: 1.2V

Capacity: 4500mAH

Dimension in mm.(D*H): 26*49

Weight: 0.084 kg

Certifications: BIS approved.

Product description: The Surepower C-4500mAH is a single cell battery which can be used in various ranges of electronics and power system applications. These are industrial grade flat top cells that are designed for “pack assembly”.

Applications: Medical Electronics, Emergency Lighting, Industrial instruments, measuring instruments and more.

Stock Position: This Battery is normally stocked by us.

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