Surepower 1.2V, 1700mAH-PL Ni-Mh Battery

Surepower 1.2V, 1700mAH-PL Ni-Mh Battery

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Product Title: Surepower 1.2V, 1700mAH-PL Ni-Mh Battery, AA-1700mAH

Brand Name: Surepower

Model No: AA-1700mAH

Voltage: 1.2V

Capacity: 1700mAH

Dimension in mm.(D*H): 15*50

Weight: 0.027 kg

Certifications: BIS approved.

Product description: The Surepower AA-1700mAH-PL is a special purpose single cell high drain battery which can be used in applications where high rate of discharge current is required. These are industrial grade flat top cells that are designed for “pack assembly”.

Applications: Portable drilling machine and more high power application

Stock Position: This Battery is normally stocked by us.

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